I am here to update my readers on my latest news.

As what I wrote in the last post, I started my first day as chambering student last week. Although I hope to file my paper in court soon, but i decided to make a slow move in order to observe whether does this litigation field is the path that i would wish to continue. I am impatient person but yet I seldom make the wrong move.

Within a week, I learnt alot from the master. I went to court with him, see how he got the injunction from court in 20 minutes, follow him attending invitation from other company and also the skill of doing research and submission. I appreciated him alot as he taught me as much as he. Many will say that I had wasted one week on something I am not really into. Honestly speaking, without going through all this, I would not know litigation is not really my interest. I can’t imagine how am I going to regret if I let this go on for  9 months. Right ? 🙂

Million Thanks to Mr Chang for the guidance. I apologize if I have disappointed your expectation. The one and only reason for leaving was told to you. I am glad to have you as master for that 3 days. Last but not least, thanks for the remuneration. kamxia.

Summary:    I resigned, and  I am unemployed and jobless again.


4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. so wat area of law u interested in? i m happy that u stop it immediately once u found out that you dun like it….i m still regretting for my “sked of change” attitute. and now living in hell everyday….now seeking new firm as well…but nt yet resign …hehe

    • i haven’t file my paper, tat’s y i can leave 瀟灑-ly before putting too much effort. I am going back to conveyancing. Admin type of person I am. I also 見一步,走一步。 XD

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