1st Roll with Diana Mini (Kodak Ektar 100)

Film: Kodak Ektar 100 Colour Negative Film
Camera: Diana Mini
Date: 4 -5 April 2011
Location: Kelana Jaya Lake Park, SS4B Street
Subject: Father, Street Cat, Me.

These are the photos snap with my new toy, Diana Mini, and the outcome result turns out quite well. Although not perfect, but it is beyond my expectation. There are 40+ photo. The photo displayed above are those that are presentable. I hope you enjoy it. =) Double expose rocks!

p/s:  the photos are not edited by photoshop at all.


15 thoughts on “1st Roll with Diana Mini (Kodak Ektar 100)

  1. 哇塞!才一个礼拜没有来这边你就update酱多liao~
    Diana Mini好好噢!!我喜欢她的colorful!!! 😀


    • 放假无聊我就会写很多。
      在The*click*shop买,也要拜这菲林的效果够 vivid ,所以颜色很鲜豔。
      我也对你的smena8很有兴趣,得空可以一起出去外拍交流! =D

    • 要认真计划几时出去外拍兼玩乐了!
      你们要买film 吗? 要的话我明天会去 the click shop 买,可以省邮费哦。

  2. yes please…:
    Kodak Ultramax 400 135-36 (FRESH) -1
    Solaris 100 135-36 (FRESH) -1
    Kodak Professional Ektar 100 135-36 (FRESH) -1

    ThankYou ya Cai~~~
    Pay u went u come back mlc.. can?

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