kabuli kid!

i knew i should not blog at 5.37am.
i knew i should go to bed at this time. ( yay right, i sleep so ”early” +_+ )
i knew this is the period for me to study for my mid term subject,
i knew i haven’t put a tick in my to-do list for public international law assignment.
and i also knew that my favourite commercial director passed away when i was studying for my land law.

i knew that i want to watch a movie. i want to watch this movie !

Kabuli Kid !

Dear cinema manager, may you please buy this movie so that malaysian like me can spend money on the ”really worth watching movie” ?

Thank you.

For those who are interested with this movie, you may go and google search the storyline. After that, let’s pray hard that the cinema manager will get to read my message and make this movie available in cinema ASAP. =p


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