See what i found? Dong Duk Xiu!!!!
Hong Kong has many Dong Duk Xiu [comedy talk show], but none in Malaysia.WHY?

I never watch ”Dong Duk Xiu” before! I want to watch! This talk show will be host by Michael Hui~I watched his movie before, which is mostly comedy. This comedy talk show for sure will make people laugh, ccm can easily laugh at very pointless things ~ a joke a day could make my day ! YEAH.

So anyone want to spend money to let people make you laugh?hahaha….


7 thoughts on “Anyone?

    • yalor, so any people pen concert at august. AUGUST msia is pack with concerts~~~~
      and people like us is going to pokai lar…..can come one by one???
      should ask them to do a planner….hhahahahaha

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